Phil Knoebl

I am an Austrian designer who has an affection for experimentation
and play in visual form. Ideas are my staff of life which end up in the process of working. My interests include photography, typography,
graphicdesign and printed matter in general. Due to my research I often expand to a diversity of approaches to the realm of design; which
originates from the static desire to broaden one's mind. I received
specific apprenticeship in film and photography at the HTL Ortwein, as
well as information-design at the FH Joanneum Graz. I currently live
in the city of Graz where I work and explore life.

Time Traveler
Tram Way
3D Portraiture
Typewriter card
Thus Far
Mtv Short



Feel free to send or tell me all your advises, associations, articulate announcements, chinwag, comments, collaboration requests, criticism, innermost thoughts & feelings, greetings, questions, book recommendations, suggestions and woolgatherings:

      +43(0)664 248 80 85
      skype: phylawrence

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